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Unlike other methods, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is laboratory tested, made with natural ingredients, and proven by our customers to be effective at immediately killing bed bugs. border: none; So far no sign of them. This powerful, effective spray won’t harm plants, but will kill crawling, flying, and garden insects on contact. Besides, you have nothing to lose (except those itchy bites) because we offer a ​90-day, 100% money back guarantee​. Eco Defense is a Natural Non Toxic Alternative to chemical based Pest Control Products. That means our ingredients are derived from renewable, natural sources. Unpause your account to remove this banner. Sure, the chemical concoction used by exterminators might be guaranteed to kill pests. Https://Www.Epa.Gov/Bedbugs/Bed-Bugs-Public-Health-Issue, Https://Www.Epa.Gov/Bedbugs/Bed-Bugs-Are-Public-Health-Pests, Https://Www.Cdc.Gov/Mmwr/Preview/Mmwrhtml/Mm6037a1.Htm, Https://Www.Epa.Gov/Bedbugs/Introduction-Bed-Bugs. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer contains ​no pesticides​. You can be rest assured that when using Any Eco Defense product quality and integrity of … But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. line-height: 1.5em; You could have them and not even know it. An effective bug spray will help kill bugs and insect eggs in and around your home, and prevent any future insects from visiting your property. Unfortunately, when you want to use the same stuff the pros use, you usually have to buy in bulk. div.custom-belimg .belimg-content ul li { Eco-Defence Bed bug spray spay is a treatment to use in infested areas. According to Angie’s List, it will cost you between ​$500 and $1,500​ for a full bed bug removal by an exterminator. This is a large container of insecticide concentrate, which can yield 32-96 gallons of bug repellent, so it should last you a long time. I want you all to know that in my humble opinion Eco Defense Bed Bug Killers is one of the "best solutions" since sliced bread! Are you ​risking your family’s health only to STILL have a bed bug problem next week​? AND it doesn't stain! border-bottom: none; It can be used on house plants and garden plants, but shouldn’t be sprayed on edible crops. 4. font: bold 12px helvetica, arial, sans; Orange peel extract (d-Limonene) is the active ingredient in this spray, which is a common natural solution for insect control. No worries of harmful fumes or dangerous poisons & chemicals coming in contact with you and your family. You'll know as I know that it works just as advertised. It is backed by outstanding online reviews and Ortho’s satisfaction guarantee. Of course you wouldn’t knowingly put your family at risk. We didn't think so. But many desperate solution seekers do exactly that by ​exposing their family and pets to toxic pesticides​. If you have a particularly bad infestation, you may also want to invest in alternative forms of pest control, such as an indoor plug-in pest repeller or hanging strips. Grab a flashlight. Then I found this product. Simply spray Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer and your problem is solved. According to both the EPA and CDC, more and more bed bug species have become resistant to insecticides⁴. Test it for yourself and prove how our harmless, safe, non-toxic spray will work for you. Creates a Bug Barrier that the common Roach Killer and Ant Killer don't provide. So, buy this product at $20 plus shipping cost and try it! It is pet and child safe, easy to use, and works quickly. Do you like having bugs in your home? Eco Defense Bed Bug Spray Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code - by Getrefe Team Eco Defense Bed Bug Spray Offers, Deals and Coupons 2021 - Up To 30% Off Coupon Code. These rude critters will ​bite anyone and invade anywhere​—and not just at night or in bed either. The water-based formula kills ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers, palmettos, and scale insects on contact. padding: 5px; Formulated by professional exterminators, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is an effective approach to fighting bed bugs - naturally. EcoRaider kills adults, eggs and nymphs fast on contact without using synthetic pesticide or toxins that can be harmful to people and pets. All you need to do is spray the repellent in and around your home and allow the area to dry before children and pets re-enter. "I couldn't believe how quickly they all died off, it's like instant relief as soon as the spray leaves the bottle...". This has overwhelmingly positive reviews online and is highly effective, even compared to traditional chemical sprays. It did not leave a heavy chemical smell behind even after everything was dry and treated.”, Excerpts from 1,387, 5-Star Reviews by Verified Buyers. Our products are environmentally friendly and also safe for use around children and pets when used as directed. I sprayed the whole room once then again a week later. It is intended for both indoor and outdoor use and is effective in killing roaches, ants, … This spray is organic and has non-toxic ingredients. Eco Defense bed bug spray is safe for you, your children, and your pets. EcoSMART® products are created from a blend of essential plant oils. It won’t break down easily, so you can rely on it for all-day use. Now that you know Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is the. This product works fast and is effective with a pleasant smell. Without hesitation, I purchased this product and all I have to say is AMAZING. It's made in the USA from ingredients sourced from American farmers. The orange peels also leave behind a fresh orange scent, which is much better than the chemical smell you will find with most insecticides. From the top-selling Ortho brand, the Home Defense MAX is fast-acting formula and can quickly kill and prevent ants, roaches, spiders, stink bugs, beetles, moths, crickets, earwigs, fleas, silverfish, ticks, spider mites, beet worms, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, insect eggs, and about 130 other types of insects. Eco Defense bed bug … Eco Defense products are formulated to repel pests while being safe around … Find insect control products for your home, lawn and garden. Also, I have kids and pets (cats)! 3. Deal. The main ingredients in most store-bought bug sprays are pyrethroids and pyrethrins. It has non-toxic ingredients that kill bed bugs in all stages of bed bug life cycle including Adults, Nymphs, and eggs. } The top-selling bug killer spray product is the Ortho Home Defense 1.33 Gal. font: bold 13px helvetica, arial, sans; FAST ACTING BARRIER - Eco Defense is not only Fast Acting but also Long Lasting. You’ll likely be charged just for the consultation. Eco-Defense bed bug spray is child and pet-safe, so when bugs bite, you can … So the fact that they made this with non-toxic ingredients is just what my family needed. Never apply garlic oil spray to plants … You may detect a slight smell after spraying, but it will fade after a short while. “It didn't stain any of my items at all. While the Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is an effective, natural bed bug spray, it only kills on contact and doesn’t have residual effects. It is intended for indoor and outdoor use and can kill and repel even well-hidden bugs. Talstar Pro Multi Use Insecticide controls over 75 different pests, including spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, termites, stink bugs, mosquitoes, millipedes, pillbugs, chinch bugs, and earwigs. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Natural Organic Formula Fastest. It kills bed bugs on contact, disrupts the mating cycle, and helps prevent them from coming back. The Eco Defense Home Pest Control Spray is made with safe, all-natural ingredients. There is nothing worse than having an insect infestation. 5 1. No sticky mess...didn't leave a residue behind. Best Overall: EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer at Walmart "This 16-ounce spray bottle is easy to use and perfect for spraying into cracks and crevices, where those sneaky bugs like to hide." 5. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer was formulated to Kill Bed Bugs while being 100% safe around your children and pets. line-height: 1.5em; It affects the beg bug … In fact, this is actually one of the most trusted and widely-used insecticides by pest control experts. OUTDOORS: 1. I don't have to worry about any damage to my furniture. It is odorless, dries clear, is non-staining, and non-irritating to the skin. Kill bed bugs straight away and order today. What is the top-selling bug killer spray product? div.custom-belimg .belimg-content ol li a, Save all of that extra money for something more fun than paying an exterminator. “You can literally spray in all through a room or entire house and still be able to stay indoors without having to leave… a pleasant surprise indeed after years of other harsh chemicals with vacating periods for hours or even a full day...”, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer spray works with, “After 5 exterminator quotes, ECO Defense seemed way to easy - I kept checking regularly after the treatment and have not seen a single bug since!”. There are a number of Raid products with high ratings, but this particular spray will work indoors, outdoors, and in your garden, making it an incredible value. I was skeptical about Eco Defense, but decided to give it a go considering the very expensive cost of going through a pest control service. They’ll probably even charge you for the consultation. } You may not have a reaction to bed bug bites, and these suckers are hard to spot But don’t panic! Like sweaty socks that have been stewing for weeks. You’ve found a safe, effective, and affordable solution to your bed bug problem, one that ​kills bed bugs on contact and disrupts their mating cycle, keeping them from spreading and invading your home. background: none; Or is it a waste of money? For direct spray … But do you know that pesticides … padding: 0 1.5em; border-bottom:1px solid #c2c2c2; Eco-Defense bed bug spray is child and pet-safe, so when bugs bite, you can spray … You’ll never have to worry about breathing in toxic fumes, or dealing with the mysterious health issues those chemicals might bring. It contains a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients that will repel pests without harmful fumes, poisons, or chemicals, so you can use it anywhere you need to, as often as you need to. But some mistakes like moving beddings around the house made them survive, and I was so frustrated. The nozzle has a mist setting for large areas and a spray … The smell is strong while spraying but with windows open, it goes away by night. If you have tried other products and are losing in the fight against bugs, this insecticide has shown outstanding results even in extreme cases when the insects kept returning. You’ll end up frustrated, itchy, and out a chunk of change. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer is one of only a few sprays on the market that is Certified Biobased by the USDA. After shaking well, spray it in and around your home where pests may be hiding to create a powerful barrier that bugs can’t get past. Effective: The Eco Defense bed bug killer is made of natural and organic ingredients. Your page? It can safely be used around food, humans, and pets. ( those found in many store-bought sprays)—meaning you’ll stink up your house and STILL have bed bugs. margin: 0 10px 15px 10px; 9. div.custom-belimg .belimg-content ol { I've worked in the hotel industry for a long time and my experience -- bed bugs were very difficult to get rid of. 2) EcoRaider builds up barrier with extended protection for more than two weeks. Exterminators Choice Bed Bug Defense – Best Essential Oil Bed Bug Spray. Did we mention we offer a 90-day, 100% results, or your money back guarantee? The Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Spray couldn’t be easier to use; simply spray it around your home’s doors, windows, perimeters, and wherever else you commonly see bugs. Is it worth the risk? But before you call your local exterminator, a quality bug spray may be all that you need to terminate the problem and go to sleep soundly again.

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