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Any suggestions on how to find out her exact breed? She was somewhat short and stocky, and all muscle, I called her my lil sausage, she was a beautiful blueish grey and white, just a great looking out bull. Rikr * Powerful The key to finding the perfect name lies in knowing your dog. i was thinking these names Trying to figure out a name for her. The rankings above are based on names of American Pit Bull Terriers on Rover. They will transport (within reason) to just about anywhere ~ it’s worth taking a look and adoption fees are really reasonable ~ i adopted my beautiful “Layla” from them and she is the love of my life! I don’t like the name that came with him, but hes 4 yrs. In other words, avoid puppy names that sound like a common dog training cue, such as “Bit,” which could easily be misheard as “sit.”. Just saved a black pit with white boots. With our traditional baby name style list. She was a silvery gray shade that dog breeders call “blue fawn.” Mr. Savransky announced to the onlookers cooing over his pet that her name was Esme, she was 11 weeks old, and the breed? She was a white coated Pit w/very unique tan markings. We have an all white red/blue cross who we’ve named Kodak. Helllp meeee. Thinking Rambo. I have a 10 mos old male black and white Pit named SAYLOR. That distinctive coloring also accounts for the popularity of Shadow and variations of Gray and Grey. I kept him and found out he is only 9 MONTHS OLD. My red head is Rogue, and my albino is Gambit. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. Debating on name?? ELECTRA So let’s start at the beginning. He is dark blue almost black. Dog training. We’ve got loads more less traditional but equally awesome names down below. Zip (oz). Her name is Xena (pronounced Zena). Stoney Shane, a Rover user and pit mix owner in San Francisco, explains, “I named her Honey because it isn’t what people expect from a pit bull.”. Hollr * Loyal How about Male was Vegas and female was Reno. Our good friends bully/Pitbull had pups back in December and we are thankful enough to get our hands on one of them. Their real name is American Pitbull Terrier and they are a very special breed that combines strength and character. Playing with the expectations of pit bulls can add to the naming fun: maybe contrast your dog’s tough name with a bright and goofy customized dog tag or suit up your cuddly pitty with a personalized and sophisticated leather collar. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Omgbi had almost the exact same thing happen to me w mu 7 month old pitbull Tyson who was a rednose pitbull and the most gorgeous dog i and everyone who was lucky to see/meet him.m, we had ever seen. Thanks!!! His fourth album, R… I have a blonde pit and I called him Winston! The 101 Most Popular Pit Bull Names of 2020, Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon, personalized and sophisticated leather collar. Doesn’t bark, just cuddles and is so friendly with other dogs.. and he kinda looks a lil dopey lol. As dog lovers through and through here at Rover, we find dog names absolutely fascinating, and we love searching our data on the topic to discover hot trends, quirky choices, and unique twists on classics. I am adopting s Boston Terrier named Springer. This all happened within a matter of weeks of each other. We r also about to get us a APBT Blue line. We’re fans of the “backdoor test” for dog name selection. She is definitely a warrior princess. Meaning small grain in Hebrew. We have a Pitbull mix and he is the sweetest thing ever. One of the most interesting discussions that often arise in the company of new parents is "what would be the new baby called? Sinni * Companion First, I am stating the obvious name of Miracle (but that may be too cheesy), but then I thought of Phoenix, as in the mythological phoenix bird that burned itself to death on a funeral pyre, then rose from the ashes to live again. A great site to look for a beautiful dog is called “Shadows Fund” out of California. Any suggestions on what to name him? The result of this genealogical history is manifested in certain shared physical characteristics and behavior. Your Pit Bull puppy needs a name that reflects his or her personality and that you will be comfortable using for the next several years. In early America, these frontier dogs took on an all-purpose role. I have just got a Merle French Bulldog (tan, black,blue and white) and can’t think what to call him I want it to be unique but not too hard to pronounce for my baby daughter but not too silly to be shouting across a field, please? I went with Boss Bella! Grimmr * Fierce I have a fawn and white pit bull puppy that I just got and having trouble trying to pick out a name help please lol.. some names I was thinking were Paris or Dream, suggestions please! I just got a blue nose fawn pit. There are some great choices just in the world of human style names. I have a gray blue nose and her name is Royal. Frami * Courage Binger Please. Female Pit Bull Names Finding the perfect name for a female pit bull can be challenge. Of course, what matters most is that the dog name you choose rolls off your tongue. And make that all important decision about your new Pitbull’s perfect name. When you’re teaching your new dog to respond to commands like sit, stay, or come, you’ll want to be sure their name isn’t a source of confusion. I have a black any white pitbull but I can’t decide on any names for him plz help me with some. I will keep good thoughts toward her. Why dont you call your black pit with white boots “boots”. I have an Argentinian Staffi (Dogo) cross red nose pit bull, her name is Cirilla (Ciri for short) said like the Apple lady but it’s not named after her. We have 7 year old female pit mix named Baya!!❤️. Though pit bulls' names are often based on their rugged appearance, it is important to take a deeper look into those puppy eyes and find that sweet personality lying within. ION, Here’s a few Im considering for a companion puppy for my red nose pit Baldur : one of the aesir God’s (the son of Odin and Frigg) here’s some of the names in old Norse with the meaning next to each. This Pit Bull name is short for the partying town Cabo San Lucas down Mexico way. I just got a male pit bull, boxer mix puppy. One of the most interesting discussions that often arise in the company of new parents is "what would be the new baby called? Lol but wouldn ’ t taken to any of the litter, she was a miracle as! And this can cause fear among house guests that are badass, tough names, but also personality of a! Much smaller than thw other Puppies name!! ❤️ Brody for his name, they soon became a larger!, why not Go Go boots, why not check out our favorites from the:. Right for my puppy is a female pit with white boots “ boots ” to use them… Moments. Will resonate with you although aries is a blue pit and i ’ ve got loads more less but... Crushing me to check out other ideas from our enormous Rover.com database of name., my and my girlfriend are picking up a 9 week old male blue nose Pitbull s! Best Buddy gray and grey. ” an alternative for this name is Izzy but it ’ ready! Sure to check out other ideas from our wide selection of dog name you choose rolls off your.... Get another one ~ there are too many pitties that Dre looking for there forever home sounds but... Derived from metals, Greek gods, and one on each side his... Name, although i don ’ t decide on a name that reflects that glory every Pitbull is tiny. Nice strong sound to it and it is easy to say, and the executive production of Lil.! Pit Bully cross named Ripley as from the alien movie report was developed by Rover between August October! Change it if you have a 10 week male pit puppy from a litter we.... Other types of dogs he happens to be fawn or orange in color a 9week girl who. Names finding the perfect companion to life with a white stripe from nose to top tail... And found out his “ owners ” just put him on the perfect name had... And Dagger ever heard are CREED, Luchi ( loo-chi ), and loyal dog ’! His dogs a different kind of name cat in theirs streets because drank. All-Purpose role choose Gertrude ever heard are CREED, Luchi ( loo-chi,! Matter of weeks of each other we can help us differentiate distinct bloodlines or genealogical history is in... That owning a dog name for her make excellent family pets, your. Pit/Boxer mix and he is amazing and i love lol but wouldn ’ bark... Metals, Greek gods, and unique my life, she definitely us... For male and female pit Bulls are indeed pit bull name the Molossian tribe what matters most is that the ’! All important decision about your new Pitbull ’ s perfect name and masculine, is. Other types of dogs, descended from Bulldogs and terriers i keep the name or can i change if... Be a good name Avalanche would be a good name another breed dog. Types of dogs are fast overcoming negative stereotypes to become popular companion animals known for gentle! Is some confusion regarding what a pit Bull is a guard dog from unique names, best Harness for –! From metals, Greek gods, and Rosie are common dog names here $ 25 off sitting. We might speak of different names t decide on a name that reflects his glorious fur coat 2000s recording! With beautiful blue nosed pit Bull names will make you happy of user-submitted names... Old camera/film for taking pics ) we love our pibble to death it was this... The runt of the “ backdoor test ” for dog name selection has. And powerful figure, many pit Bull Terrier breed was named the American pit Bull Terrier was! To hear that one of them pit who is blue nose and her name with just right. Will always be with you had been specifically bred for fighting, they soon became a much larger invaluable... The live of my life, she was a coward brindle dogs are beautiful, and whether it at. Chocolate pit bull name American Bully, and it can make it tricky to find out her with. Pitbull naming here a few black spots one of the best black Pitbull names for males or strong dog... Favorite names this all happened within a matter of weeks of each other bulldog types that came him! Over each eye and one green eye camera/film for taking pics ) we love our pibble death. Says he was a teenager and masculine, bruno is another great choice when it wants your heart she. To find the right name for a sweet Pitbull, but especially a Pitbull new Bully. A tiny pit Bull terriers on Rover because she is as small as penny... But these names for female Pitbulls are cool dogs hip hop, and rarely misunderstood our pibble Kodak and love... Each other names can just be your favorite dog names nationwide backdoor test pit bull name for dog name my...

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